Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bella & Rikka turned 4 on Sept. 5, 2009!

And, what a big day they had. Brian bought each of them a new blanket and a new toy. Of course pink for Bella and purple for Rikka. We then took them to Tuesday Morning and pushed them in their stroller for a bit and then on to Stony Point Fashion Park. OMG, did they have a good time there. And, of course, they are so adorable and irresistible (I'm biased) that many folks had to stop and pet them and talk to them. I fixed them some chicken to go in their food which was such a treat for them. Here are some pictures of them at the fashion park. Although, I must say their day didn't start off too well. Bella got sick before she even got out of bed and Rikka had to go to the vets first thing because something bit her on her face and it was red and swollen. She's okay but on antibiotics for a week. All in all it was a very good day and they were "dog" tired on the way home. :d They went to sleep immediately when we put them in the crate for the drive home.