Thursday, December 11, 2008

Last of the Holiday Cards!

Here are some of the Holiday Cards I'll be sending out. I hate to show them before my circle of friends and family gets them, but I really want to post them. Like I said in the post before this, I'm working on Valentine's Day cards now. Plus, I've got a special project to do for my Stamp Club Group which starts in January.

This n' That

Some of my friends have said they check out my blog to see what I'm up to. Well, I haven't done too much posting specifically about that sort of thing. So I thought I'd provide a little update.

Let' see.....Thanksgiving was so nice. I made an incredible spaghetti sauce (thanks to Ray) and we had dessert and a movie (Wall-E) at Ming and Ray's. Plus we got to see her mom, dad, grandma, sister and brother-in-law which was very nice. We stopped by Eugene and Beth's after that to see their new home; which is way cool. That truly was a nice visit as well. I also got a workout in at the gym which was only occupied by one other person. Had the whole place mostly to myself.

On Friday, 12/5 a whole bunch of us got together for Jill's birthday and went to River's Edge Bistro, which was very festive. Ming and I spent the night with Jill and Kelley came over for some girl talk as well. Saturday I had Madelyn and Barbara up for my last Holiday Stamp A Stack and that was also so very nice. I put up the tree and the candles in the windows. Brian and I put the wreath on my turret which is beautiful. Since it was so warm here last night, (60 plus) I put the lit garland around my door. So all that is done.

As usual I have Yoga on Thursday nights and I'm trying to fit in some visits to the gym too.

Bella and Rikka still haven't mastered the puppy door Brian installed. Actually, Bella was traumatized by it Monday night when we made her go through it. She still seems to be off kilter and I'm really not sure why. Don't get me wrong, she's eating, drinking, piddle and pooing as well as playing, but she seems to want more attention than normal. Hmmm..wonder if she can sense it's about time for me to go away for a week or more. Anyway, they are doing well.

This weekend I plan to go to Walkerton to buy some of the Brunswick Stew that will be on sale at the Fire Department and hopefully get to see Ming, Emily and Ray while there. Saturday evening I plan to go to Terry and Bobs for some great fellowship at the barn. One of my most favorite things to do actually. I'll be making cards to send out for Christmas this weekend too; yes I'm late.

Brian flies out very early Friday morning for Texas. He bought a vehicle from there and is driving it back. I get my hair cut tomorrow; thank goodness. Monday the puppies go to the groomers. And, next week is my last week at work until January 5th. So I've got two payrolls to do, bonuses and tax preparations to complete. My company Christmas party is at The Hotel Jefferson next Friday. I leave for Bali on the 23rd. I can hardly believe it. Plus, I'm really pumped about all the new Stampin Up things in the very near future. I've been working on Valentine's Day cards actually and am looking forward to the stamp club that I'm also starting in January.

Oh, and way cool news. Brian and I are going to the Adirondacks in February for his birthday for a weekend of snowmobiling. Even though I hate cold weather, this should be fun. Check it out; it's in Old Forge, NY.

Okay, I guess that's about it for now. I'm sure I've forgotten something.
And, how about some new cards?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Beautiful Avery!

I just have to share with you the newest addition to the "river clan" who was born in August. Scott and Elizabeth (I performed their marriage ceremony-my first) were blessed with a beautiful little girl and they named her Avery. I'm sort of honored as I offered up the name to them in March when we were at Ming and Ray's for dinner one evening and they liked it. Actually, another friend of mine named his daughter the same but about almost 4 years ago. So this little Avery has a name sake. Maybe one day they'll meet. The first little Avery is adorable too.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Overdue post!

Gosh, I feel bad I haven't posted in over a week, but there has just not been enough time. Too much to do with only 3 weeks left of the year for me to do them in. That's because the first of the third week of December is going to be spent mostly on my getting ready to go to Bali, Indonesia on the 23rd. I can hardly believe it's approaching. Anyway, I haven't made too many new cards, so I'll continue to share with you ones I took pictures of from Regional.
Oh, and today is my nephew's 15th birthday and I haven't even sent his card. I did make it though. It will be sent tomorrow for sure.