Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monster Card SWAP

I made this card, however, it was CASED from one I received at Convention as a SWAP. It is so easy and mostly uses punches with a little ink for shadowing and a pen to draw the mouth and eyebrows. Everyone I've shown this card to absolutely loves it!

Friday, August 15, 2008

SU Convention 08 Roomies!

So have I mentioned yet that I just had the most incredible time at convention this year? And, I really think I'd like to go back next year as well. But I've got to say it was more about the friendships I made while there and how much closer I got with my local circle of SU Sisters especially my roommates. We got along so well and never once had an issue of any sort. We meshed perfectly and we vowed it would be just us three or 4 if Jenn goes next year to share a room. I immediately missed Stacey and Cynthia when it was all over and was so glad I got to see Stacey this week at our local demo meeting. I think Cynthia is in Canada for two weeks, but I hope to catch up with her soon too. And, we're so looking forward to going together to the Regional in November at Virginia Beach. What an incredible group of women. I am honored to be in the circle with them. I'm in the middle and Stacey is to my right which means Cynthia is the one on my left. I swear I'll do a smilebox this weekend to post of more convention pictures. It was so incredible.

Emmie does it All By Herself!

Emily was so excited to show me how she could swim in my pool "all by myself" and she did too. I was amazed at how she just wanted to get right in and dog paddle around. She is growing up! When Ming enrolls her in swimming lessons next year I can just see her wanting to be even more independent. She'll graduate to arm floats and then she'll eventually not need them. But she'll still be our little Emmie!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Eggplant Fritters!

So I tried my hand at Eggplant Fritters for the first time a few weeks ago and I think I did pretty good. Look how pretty they turned out. And, fresh eggplant from Bob and Terry's garden. That and some of their tomatoes was such a treat. I put the skinned eggplant in my food processor and processed it to a fine chop, then added milk, flour, baking powder, egg and a little salt. You have to make it to a pancake batter consistency in order for it to work well. Oh, and if you use self-rising flour you don't need the baking powder, but I didn't have any of the SRF so I used the BP. I was very pleased with my first attempt. I so badly wanted to add sugar to it because I felt like I was making pancakes, but I refrained. Haha!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Baroque Motif

This set remained in the Fall/Winter 08 Stampin Up Catalog and for good reason. It's beautiful and versatile. I did not make this card, but took a picture of it from last fall's downline meeting. I'd post some new ones from convention but I can't put my hands on my camera cable. I know I can download using my camera card, but the last time I did that I had to reformat the card. Meaning I'd lose everything on it and I'm not going to chance that until I can get all of them burnt on a disc. Hopefully tomorrow I'll find the cable.