Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hostess Sets!!

I have got to say that SU has done well on their hostess sets IMO. The one used on this card is a level 1 set, so it's easy to obtain. And, this is my first time using the SU line of blue card stock. This one is Blue Ballet and I absolutely love it. It is such a nice compliment to the Purely Pomegranate. Now I did cut off part of the flower strip; meaning there were 5 boxes and now there are only 4. There are four different stamps in this set and I think it's very versatile.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bugs and Wishes!

I had been jonesing for this stamp set from SU for so long that I finally exercised my SAB credit and got it for free. I think it makes a great card to give to a child. The colors are Purely Pomegranate, Wild Wasabi and Barely Banana with the images stamped in Purely Pomegranate. And, I love the movie strip punch; well that's what I call it. It can also make Rolodex cards, but who uses those anymore right? Haha.....I do. I absolutely love my Rolodex and would be lost without it. Oh, and I got inspiration for this card from my Upline. She used a Black base and Sahara Sand for the top and then the black strip with white paper, with the bugs in a deep purple ink. Also, I stamped the inspiration sending worm wishes on your bug day; which comes with the set.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Time With Friends!

I had the most awesome day yesterday in my studio. I finally got to spend like 7 hours in there just creating and I think I did some pretty decent cards. I decided I had not used my Hostess sets nearly enough, so I set out to use each one that I had not used before. This one is a very popular set and I think I'll get a lot of use out of. I swear I need to get my Photoshop Elements up and running on my computer because these pictures just don't show the colors as they truly are. The Card Stock colors here are Purely Pomegranate, Wild Wasabi, Barely Banana and Whisper White and the matching ribbon and inks. Also, I'm trying to just use only SU products because I really do want to have more SU workshops and classes.

Dowline Card Fronts!

Our Downline meeting was Saturday and I so love those. We get a wealth of information, do make and takes and learn new techinques in addition to being able to see the other SU demonstrators that we may not always get to see. And, we're all pumped about Convention in Utah in July. Here are the card fronts I made and took to our meeting.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Frogs & Worms; What's in your pool?

I know not everyone has a pool, but I find that a lot of folks do. So Brian and I opened my pool last Saturday and to my surprise it wasn't too bad. But Sunday we realized that the filter multi valve had a crack in one of the threaders and part of the pump needed to be replaced as well. So, we had to shut down the filtering system. If you know me, you would know that this has me stressed big time as I fear not running the pump and filter for I just know algae will set in big time. I scrambled hard on Monday to find the parts and my local pool company (the one who installed the pool) lets me know it's going to be about $500 or more for them to get the parts and it won't be until next week that they will come in. THIS WILL NOT DO for me. So, luckily I find a pool place in Northern Virginia and am in luck; they have both and I can get them in a day and for a total of less than $300 including shipping. Yayhoo!! So yesterday, I decided to take the day off to try and rest and just feel better from all the major allergy and sinus symptoms I've been suffering with for the last couple of months. I gotta say Claritin D is the bomb so far. I am feeling much better. Anyway, what do you think arrived at my house? Yep, the parts needed for the pool. Well, I'm an ambitious type and just had to get these replaced immediately. And, low and behold, I did it! I was so proud of myself and so was Brian. He's in Vegas on business so I got input from him by phone. Anyway, my pool is looking so much better and I'm anxious about using it. I think I may splurge and get a solar cover. But living in the country brings frogs and worms to a pool. This poor guy drank way too much pool water and was sort of comatose when I took this picture. But, I wanted to show how big those dern frogs are sometimes. If they don't survive the jaunt into the pool I have a good time frog flinging I must say. I know, I'm bad. Oh, I did make some card fronts for my downline meeting tomorrow and will try to get that posted soon.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Administrative Professional Day!

Today is AP Day and I have to say that we have an awesome AP at my place of employment. She does an amazing job and a lot of times goes beyond her required tasks to make sure that most everyone is happy. Gotta face it though, there are just some people you'll never be able to make happy. But she gives it her best. So this is the card I made for everyone to sign. And, I bought two gifts for her as well. Can't mention it here as she reads my blog. ;D. I'm hoping she won't read this until after I give her the items, but I can't be too sure.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Katie's Card!

As I previously mentioned yesterday was Katie's birthday and here is the card I made for her. One of the dogs I colored yellow because her little puppy, Kosmo is a blonde dog. I definitely need more practice in my coloring. But I also could use some more Copic Sketch markers; the best out there IMO. Anywho, Katie, Vicky and I went to La Grotta last night in downtown Richmond and we had the nicest dinner in celebration of her birthday. And, you should see the drawing (taken from a photograph) Vicky had done of Kosmo and JJ for Katie; it's beautiful. I'd say it was a nice little celebration. Katie is very dear to me and I think we need to show our friends how special they are every opportunity we can, even more so on their birthdays.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Few more before and after..

Below is the post to read first to understand these pictures.

Another working weekend!

Do you ever feel this time of the year all you do is work on the weekends? That is exactly what I do. And, poor Brian, he gets dragged into it too. He's such a huge help to me in getting much needed things done around my house. But it's all part of home ownership. Above are some pics of the before and after of my utility room which we finally finished this weekend. The puppy girls chewed all the wood on the baseboards and I finally got it pulled off and replaced with much of Brian's help. I think at 2 1/2 that they are finally done chewing wood. Anyway, the color before had pink undertones and I changed it to Chocolate Froth, which I love. The first picture I may have already put some of the new color on the wall so you can't see too much of the old color. Oh, and the pool is open but just not running now as the pump has a crack in one of the pieces where a tube connects. And, most importantly today is Katie's birthday. I made a card and will post later. A few of us are going out to dinner in celebration tonight.

Friday, April 18, 2008

More Thinking of You!

So here is the other card I made that I'd mentioned in my last post. I like it, excpet that I always seem to get that SU Frame Stamp crooked. And, I even used my Stamp-A-ma-jig. Oh, well.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Simply Thinking of You!

I needed to make two sympathy cards last night, but I think I'm with Ming in that I just don't like to make them. Or, I'd rather they say something aside from "With Sympathy." So, I'm going with Thinking of You instead. Because truly, that is what it is. What I write inside can convey my sympathy. I really wanted to do a more masculine looking one for one of the cards, but this is all I could come up with so quickly. I like it a fair amount except that the sentiment could have been stamped better. I may just re-do it. But I do love the DP, which I got from Target. The other card, which I'll post tomorrow I like a lot and is definitely feminine.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Grand Pooba of all Cutters!

Okay, so this is my new Purple Cows paper cutter. It's got a guillotine cutter and a rotary cutter that comes with three blades. A straight cut, a perforated cut and a wavy cut. The nicest part about the rotary cutter is that you can lock down the top and bottom once your paper is in place and it won't move at all. Meaning there is no chance for it to slip while you're pushing on the rotary. And, even though it looks ginormous the two sides separate. So if you have a preference for cutting you turn two knobs on the rotary side and disconnect. I discovered this in a current scrapbooking magazine I picked up at the store. The first place I found online wanted about $60, the next place $55, but I found it at Dick Blick Art Materials for $39 and some change. I order from them frequently and am very happy with their prices, products and service.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Meet Me at The Cafe!

I absolutely love the stamp sets from My Favorite Things and the one used above is from there. They have some new ones I'd like to get too. Hmm....

Anyway, I've been feeling so cruddy and didn't get any cards made recently so I just had to do something last night. This could be better, but it's a start. You probably can't tell that the front part of the card has a piece of clear acetate as if it's a window. The sentiment is from Stamping Bellas. I cut the rectangle using my Spellbinders Nestabilities; love those too. The DP and flowers are from Target. I used my new Purple Cows cutter to make the piece for the sentiment. I'll be posting a picture of that in the next post as I think it's the most fabulous cutter so far.

Monday, April 14, 2008

This N' That!

So I didn't make any cards this weekend. I know, my bad! But I had so many other great things I did that it's okay. I got to see Emily bright and early Saturday morning. She was supposed to play soccer, but wanted no parts of it. Saturday evening Brian and I went to Terry and Bobs with some of their other friends and relatives and enjoyed a small celebration for Michael Paul's 19th birthday. He's Terry's son. We had the best time and always love going over there and hanging with some of the finest people on this earth. Sunday morning I cleaned before my dear friends Myna and Judy came by for a visit. That was especially nice too. We've known each other since 1986 where we all worked at the bank. So we did some great reminiscing and catching up. But I've got to say I'm feeling lousy today as my allergies and sinuses are wreaking havoc with me. But, I did want to post something and I had been thinking I had not shared pictures from the Australia trip Katie and I took in 2005-2006. So here are two from the Sydney Harbor Bridge climb she and I did. We opted for the Sunset climb which was absolutely phenomenal. I'll do a slide show soon with more from that trip. And, NO, her hair is NOT that red. The sun was setting and it really made each of our heads of hair look much bolder. And, notice the Sydney Opera house in the background.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring Flowers!

I absolutely love Spring and all the beauty it brings. So I'm into making cards with flowers lately. I made these two about two weeks ago and I did another one last night in the same format. But I didn't have time to take a picture. I must say I think I am more favorable to the SU Ruby Red with the Chocolate Chip. Just love that combination. But I love the Aqua Mist Ming got me from PaperTrey too.

BIG Birthday Wishes!

One of the cards Ming made inspired me to create this one. In comparing the two today I can see where I need to make an adjustment to the little piece under the scalloped circle. But in person, it doesn't look too bad.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ming's creativeness!

I've got to say I'm blown away by Ming's creativeness and her eye for just the right touch. This is a group of cards she brought over on Sunday when she visited and I love her work. For the short period of time she's been doing it, there is just no telling what fabulous things she'll create in the future.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Puppy Posts!

You know I just can't let too much time pass without posting pictures of Bella and Rikka. And, since they always want to get in the light kit I take advantage of those times. I think these are just precious of them. They could have stood to have been brushed, but it wasn't planned. Although, I think I know where their Holiday Picture will be taken this year.

Monday, April 7, 2008

2-Step Bloom!

The flower in this card is part of a retired SU set, and I'd have to say it's one of my favorites. I think Ming likes it too cause she drooled over it yesterday. I made this card last week with it and I'm pleased with the results.

Where did the weekend go?

What a super busy weekend. It started Friday night for me. I started the second coat of paint in my utility room with anticipation of getting cabinets and other things from the hardware store on Saturday. Brian helped me get those up and what a job that was. My non-stop task day on Saturday started at 7:30 a.m. and didn't end until just a little after 11:00 p.m. And, then Sunday I had to seriously clean my house before Irene and Ming got there for a stamping day. The cards in the picture are what Ming, her colleague and friend Irene and I collectively created for Irene to give to a few members of her wedding party as her thank you to them. They are just absolutely stunning in person. And, as usual Ming's visit will end up costing me money. :D She has some items I just have to have too.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Ming just sent these pictures of Emily and I just had to post. She is just too adorable and precious IMO. She was 3 on March 4 and the Barbie Jeep she got for her birthday. I love her pink baseball glove too though. And, that body of water in the background of the Jeep picture is the river that is Emily's back yard. She's a very fortunate little girl.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Inspired Thank You!

Ming every so often gives me grief about not using all the wonderful stickers I purchased in the very beginning of my cardmaking hobby. And, I got them from the UK which means there was much more effort put forth into getting them. So Sunday I decided to go through my sticker stash and make a card that was inspired by one I'd received from a very dear friend Saturday night.

Birthday Cards Received!

For years I used to save every card I received. I have since decided there is really no good reason to do that. Granted, some are very unique and truly make me laugh. Some even inspire me in my card making. But with the technology we have today I can do just what I've done here. Put them all together, take a picture of them and post to my blog. My next post will be a card that was inspired by one of the cards amongst the ones in this picture. See if you can figure out which one.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Seeing Green!

This is a card I made keeping in mind the Mario inspired card I previously made and posted. Love the Martha Stewart small square scallopped punch I got from Michael's recently. And, the flower punch too. I think I may have taken a picture of this card using the white background of my light kit and will post it instead of this one when I have time to load it from my camera.