Friday, May 15, 2009

Finally some cards!

You'd think I switched from posting cards to just posting pictures of family, friends and around the house. Truth be told, I haven't made a whole lot since submitting my entries to SU for the Artisan Award Contest. Now it seems that yard and house work have consumed much of my time. And, now I have a Piriformis Muscle/Sciatica Nerve issue which is prohibiting me from doing much at all. Anyway, these three were mostly cased. But still, maybe you haven't seen them before.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a pool SHOULD look like!

Here is the much improved pool after a few weeks. It truly sparkles now and yet it still needs to be vacuumed.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What your pool should NEVER look like on opening day!

Yet, this is my pool on opening day and I was mortified. I have never had my pool to look like this. It took me over a week to finally get it cleared up and I still have some residue of that green gunk on the bottom filters. I need to find a kid who can go down there and brush it off for me. :D After much money and a few weeks later it's looking crystal clear. I'll have to post the after picture soon. And, I've learned that the shock you can buy from Wal-Mart has more stabilizer than anything and therefore was doing nothing but helping my pool maintain the cloudiness. I added 12lbs of shock and it didn't do much. Pla Mor Pools of Mechanicsville are the bomb and helped me get my pool looking amazing.