Monday, July 28, 2008

Lovely As A Tree

This is the other SWAP I took to Convention. But I only made 25 of these. And, I'm sorry I didn't make more because so many folks really seemed to like this one a lot. Next year if I make another one that falls in the category as this one I'll make more. Listen to me, seems like I'm thinking about going to convention next year. Well, only if it's not on Jess' birthday (7/31) because I don't want to miss her 13th birthday. And, according to the Salt Lake Convention Center the convention next year is on their calendar for August 5. So I'll have to see if they stick with that. I already tried to reserve some rooms at some of the hotels closer and they are already booked. Hmmm....not sure what that is about.

Pumpkin Pie!

This is the card that I made 50 of to take to Convention. Love the Pumpkin Pie color. And, a lot of folks at convention seemed to like it too. BTW, I'm still in Utah as I write this. However, convention is now over and I'm waiting to go home later tonight. I had a fabulous time in Utah though.

1 Day Left Before Departure!

I cannot believe that tomorrow I will leave for Salt Lake City and be attending Stampin Up's 20th Year Anniversary Convention. For the most part I'm ready. Of course, I have done absolutely no packing. Hopefully since I'm only planning on taking a carry on, it won't take me long. Anyway, I will post pictures of what SWAPS I decided to take tomorrow and the next day. I'm doubtful I'll get to download pictures of cards from convention while I'm there, but I'll try.

Anywho, I was admiring my kitchen yesterday, like I do everyday, and thought it was time to take some updated pictures. Ask Katie, I am so enamored with my stove it's beyond belief. It's an original 1940's Okeefe & Merritt that I found on the internet. It was in Burbank, California and I had shipped to Virginia while I was having my house built. Of course, my luck, it was being shipped right in the middle of a hurricane that had landed in Atlanta (where my stove had to go through), but it made it without harm. It's totally refurbished and came with a one year warranty. And, it cooks like a dream. Plus, to me, it's just absolutely beautiful. And, what a conversation piece

Thursday, July 24, 2008

6 Days till Convention!

Wow, where did the time go? And, with that means I'm scrambling to get everything done in time. I did manage to get 15 full card swaps done last night for convention. The card above is what I decided to make for that. These are to be traded with my circle of sister demonstrators in my senior downline's group at dinner Wednesday night in Salt Lake City. I guess I'd be more pumped, but with having so much to do and having Bella's recovery on my mind, it's not hit me too much yet. It probably will when I'm actually at the airport next week.
BTW, I love the SU new Scallop Punch which I used to make these cards. And, their Brushed Gold Card Stock is just fabulous. I wish they had more pieces in a pack though. 10 is just not enough. Maybe I'll talk to Shelli about this at Convention; Haha! Seriously though, something needs to be done about SU's shipping; way too slow.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Tummy Difference

Bella is making such great progress and is starting to feel herself. TMI, but she finally went poo last night. Yay!! A big step given what she's endured. She's gotten a lot friskier too and wants to play with her sister, which she's done but slightly. No running or stairs for her for a while. But I've got to say her incision is looking great and I hope it heals so that it can hardly be seen once her tummy fur grows back. I thought I'd post a side-by-side of Rikka and Bella so you can get an idea of her incision. It's huge IMO.

And, it seems that Rikka can sense Bella's mood and is paying a little more attention to her too. She seemed a little standoffish at first, but is coming around. She wants her to play too.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Rikka's Friday Night Adventure!

What do you do with a Mini-Schnauzer who's missing her litter mate? You take her out Friday night to Lowe's! And, she loved it!! She just sits straight up and notices everything. It was a big night for her as Brian took her to visit Bella at the hospital and then on to McDonald's and Lowe's. Of course, she can't go into McDonald's though. But, the best news is that Bella came home Saturday and is doing so much better. Nothing like home for good healing. She napped a whole lot and ate better than she had in a week. You would too if you were eating chicken and rice. The doctor has restricted her activity for a month. So, the house was post-0p prepared before Brian and I left to get her. No jumping up on anything and absolutely no stairs or playing with her sister; which Rikka doesn't understand. I'm sleeping with the two of them in the guest bedroom on the mattress which now rests on the floor. Looks like I'm not having too many guests over for a while. Oh, well.....whatever it takes to get her 100% healthy. Oh, and Brian and I still can't figure out the item she swallowed.

Also, I think I'll be able to go to the SU Convention next week, so I did get to work on swaps yesterday while the two little ones slept on the comforter in the studio on the floor. They were so good. Brian fixed a wonderful dinner on the grill. And, later last night we three sat on the patio swing while Brian swam in the pool. All-in-all it was a good weekend! Hope it was for you too. And, it will be an even better week if the pet insurance I have will pay for the $3K+ vet bill I incurred. Still worth it if they don't though.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bella's progress

I went to see little Bella today and she looked so pitiful in the big megaphone collar. She refuses to eat for the staff, but she ate for her mommy. Not a lot, but about 1/2 of what they had for her in dry food. She didn't want their water and I think it's because she'd used to getting bottled water at home, so Brian will bring her some tonight when he brings Rikka to visit her. And, I'll try to feed her again at the 8:00 p.m. visiting hour. Hopefully she'll do even better. If she does she'll get to come home tomorrow. Yay! Rikka is missing her big time and it's starting to show. Oh, and as far as the item they removed from her, I haven't been able to determine that yet. I didn't have my glasses on so I couldn't focus in on it too well. But it does remind me of an upholstery button, yet I don't have any of those in the house or studio, so I need to examine it closer when I have my glasses on. All the toys were checked last night and nothing seems to be missing, so I'm on a mission to find out what this item is and hopefully prevent it from happening again.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Update on Bella.

Well, my little Bella had to have surgery today. They were 90% certain she had a blockage in her intestines and they found that to be true. Two little objects (unknown at this time) were in there. I will have to look at them to see if I recognize what they are. Anyway, they only had to make a small incision in her intestines and the items they found were small and round so no damage was done from them. They do not want her to have visitors tonight because they think it will excite her too much and she needs her rest. I was hopeful to see her again today, but it's best for her. They said that maybe she can come home Saturday. I will be so glad to have her back home! What a whirlwind of a week this has been. Maybe I'll get some sleep tonight since I think the worst is over.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Princess Bella Update

So my little Bella took a turn for the worse last night and I had to take her to the Virginia Referral and Critical Care (VRCC) facility and I'm so glad I did. Seems she has Pancreatitis and had to stay all night and possibly again tonight. Before I took her she just could not get comfortable, threw up a few times last night, refused to eat or drink and started whimpering when she exhaled. I just knew she was in pain and had to get her some relief. Thank goodness for the VRCC. What an incredible group of people and their facilities are state of the art. They can perform tests and have the results quickly all in house. They are incredibly expensive, but it's so worth it. If you're in Virginia and ever find yourself in need of emergency care for your pet, I would highly recommend VRCC. They said Bella had a good night and seems to be getting better. And, of course Rikka is now figuring out something isn't quite right. Brian and I plan to visit Bella tonight and take Rikka to see her too. Hopefully this will cheer both of them up.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So, I was on a boating event all weekend which is one reason I haven't posted anything. But also, my Princess Bella has been sick. And, she has only gotten worse and had to be taken to the vets yesterday where she was given an IV of fluids and potassium. She's been vomitting and as of yesterday evening she does not want to eat. Today she didn't want any water or food and I took her back to the vets where they are watching her and going to give her more fluids. They think she's got an infection of some sort and she's on antibiotics as well as another medicine to reduce the acid in her stomach. But they haven't had enough time to work to make her significantly better. Hopefully when I pick her up this evening she'll be better. So all I can seem to do is hold her when I am home; which she just loves. And, of course Rikka gets to snuggle too. Maybe tonight I'll bring her to my studio and make at least one card, but her health comes first. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She's like a (human) child to me as I don't have any of those.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Convention Swap Cuts!

So these are the cards that didn't make the SU Convention Swap. Although a variation of the Pink Tag Birthday card is going as a SWAP. I can hardly wait to share with you the others that ARE going. Convention is July 29-August 2nd for those who aren't familiar.

Time Crunch!

I have no idea how I even got a new card made, but I did. Between all the around-the-house work I have to do, taking care of Bella and Rikka (which I love) exercise, Convention Swaps, hanging with friends, being a supportive friend to those who are going through some trying things, and of course my paying job, it's amazing. And, you can tell because it's not too terribly good as far as my lining up and centering. But my Yoga instructor asked me last week if I could make a get well card by tonight's class, so here it is. Similar to one I've done before but I like these colors alot. Too bad the River Rock is going to be retired. Better get more before that happens. Oh, and I finally booked my flight to Utah for the end of this month's SU Convention. Now I just have to make my 100 plus swaps and non-card item too. I wish I could post the pictures of them for you, but it will have to wait until convention.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


On Saturday evening a handful of my former colleagues from Crestar Bank (now SunTrust Bank) (from when we first started working together in the 80's) decided to have a small get together to catch up with each other. And, what a wonderful evening it was. We laughed so much and just had the best time. It's so nice that we've all remained close. Everyone is well and given what we've all endured over the years that is very heartwarming. I know without a doubt we'll always keep in touch. From left to right, it's Yvette, Me, Mary Jo, Darrell and Alice in the front.