Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One of my most prized posessions!

It looks like a plate you may say! It is a plate! But not like any other I own. This plate has very special meaning to me and will forever be displayed at my house. The house I had built and closed on exactly 5 years ago on 10/6/04. My house was a true labor of love and somewhat bittersweet at that. Although the reason for the need to have a new home at the age of 41 was not where I envisioned I'd be, but as they say, there is a reason for everything and this holds true for me when I had my house built. Shortly after moving in I had a house warming and every person I held dear to my heart was there. Which made it even more special. But one of my dearest friends, Gloria, had this plate with her in it's raw form and had every person there that evening sign it and then she had it fired to permanently preserve all the good wishes and signatures. I look at it often and a smile always crosses my face when I do. I keep this plate very close to the ground on a shelf on the island in my kitchen. That way should it ever come off the shelf it doesn't have far to go and will land on a rug. Thereby hopefully preventing it from ever breaking. It is truly one of a kind and can never be exactly replaced nor can the event which brought it to my house ever be duplicated. Thank you all my dear friends for this truly cherished gift which keeps me grounded.

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