Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This sweet adorable puppy needs a really good home!

When I came home last night this little girl was scampering across my drive way to the neighbors yard. So after I got my car in the garage I coaxed her in and closed the door. She was cold, hungry and tired. I got a nice wool blanket, towel and sheet and quickly made her a very nice place to rest her weary body. And, I gave her some of Bella & Rikka's food as well. She'd been in the rain all day and apparently had been hunting by the looks of her somewhat raw feet and scratched legs. Plus it seemed she hadn't eaten in a while from the looks of her ribs. Nonetheless, I tossed and turned all night wondering what to do the next day. I decided she'd stay in my garage to get the rest and nourishment she needed. I also put some Vaseline on her feet and legs to give her poor raw skin some relief. She did get to go out to do her business and was very happy to return right back to the bed made for her. When I got home tonight she was so happy to see me and seems more comfortable with her surroundings. She also seems very young as she was eager to play, plus she tried to get into a few things in the garage but she didn't damage them. Seems she just wants to play a bit. From that behavior and in looking at her eyes and teeth she is young. Another very nice thing about her is she absolutely shows no aggression in any way. Brian bought her some food of her own today and when I fed her I put my hand right in her bowl while she was eating and not one reaction from her; which is great. Plus he and I picked several ticks off of her and again she didn't even flinch. She is a very easy going and extremely sweet girl. Don't you know of anyone who would want to give this little girl the good home she deserves? I already have two little ones and just can't afford another one. Trust me Bella and Rikka cost plenty and one more is more than I can properly afford. Please email me at galstamper@aol.com if you or anyone you know is interested in this wonderful puppy.

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