Friday, October 29, 2010

First Casualty of the Season!

Oh, gosh what a horrible night, or shall I say wee early morning I had. I was abruptly awaken at 2:00 a.m. to some unfamiliar strange noise. It caused one of my dogs to jump out of the bed. Of course, when I turned on the light and saw her standing on the floor I thought the noise I heard had been her and perhaps she'd fallen out of the bed. That didn't seem to be her problem as I was able to quickly coax her back into the bed. I left the light on hoping to hear the noise again so I could determine the cause. Then it did it again and my mind raced to several options. A bird caught in my gas logs in the bedroom, or a squirrel or a mouse? Maybe it was trying to get in my room or maybe it was stuck in the wall and fluttering all around inside. It was causing a lot of commotion that's for sure. Finally I grabbed the flash light under the night stand and shined it on the grate of the gas logs and I could see something. When I opened the grate there was the culprit; a mouse. It'd gotten stuck on the glue trap standing straight up and it was trying to pull itself along to safety. OMG!! What to do? I finally decided I needed something long enough to grab the whole trap; the tongs worked great. But my reaching for it caused the little rodent to place it's other two feet on the glue and there it was really stuck for good. So now I have it and am really not sure what to do with it. Hmmmm....all I can think of, at this hour, is to place it outside and see what the rest of the dark would bring.

Leaving for work this morning, I tried not to look where I'd placed it but couldn't resist. Now I feel horrible because there it is still trying to get free and I can't bring myself to put it out of it's misery. If Brian were in town he'd have taken care of it for me. As it stands, I don't ever want to use those glue traps again. I think they are a very cruel way to capture rodents. From now on I'm going to use some other more humane system.

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